Atlanta-born artist Sallie Whistler Marcucci moved to Florence, Italy, in 1951 to study under artist Hans Joachim Staude. At sixteen years of age she attended the Art Student's League in New York and studied lithography and etching with artist Harry Sternberg for a year.

In 1957 she returned to Europe and studied Stage Designing at the Academy of Florence while also studying Italian Literature. In the same year, she worked as assistant stage designer for Orlando di Collalto on sets for the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence and for the Arena in Verona. In the same year she studied watercolor with artist Oskar Kokoschka In Salzburg, Austria. 

Her collaboration with di Collalto continued for three years, during which time she also produced (for director Vito Pandolfi) her own set in San Gimignano and at Verona's Ducal Palace and designed costumes for a ballet featuring Carla Fracci held in the Roman amphitheater of Fiesole. 

Sallie Whistler Marcucci's first solo exhibition was held at the High Museum in Atlanta and she participated in a group show in Piazza Donatello, Florence.

She spent 1960 traveling around the world and married a journalist. From 1960 to ‘68 she drew cartoons, fashion designs and illustrations for La Nazione newspaper in Florence and Resto del Carlino in Bologna.

After the birth of her two sons, she left stage design to return to fine art and began experimenting with oils. Actor Vincent Price bough 19 of her works for a traveling exhibition throughout the United States. She began to contribute articles and drawings to The Journal Herald of Dayton, Ohio, The Atlanta Journal and the Miami Daily News,. She had solo exhibitions at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence and Torre di Bellosguardo. In 1968 the family moved to London, before relocating to Italy in 1970 to settle in Rome. There she acquired a studio across from the 12th Century church of Santa Maria in Trastevere.

She participated in the 1972 Festival of Two Worlds, in Spoleto, Italy, followed by a solo exhibition held at the Galleria Lancilotto in Rome and a group show at the Chateau de Mèmillon, Fête de Saint Maure sur Loire, France. In 1974 her work appeared in the Temple University Abroad exhibition in Rome.

She collaborated with the Canadian photographer Roloff Beny on four of his books: Persia, Bridge of Turquoise, 1975; Iran, Elements of Destiny, 1978; Odyssey, 1981; and Rajasthan, 1984. She also contributed drawings, cartoons and illustrations to Roman newspapers, Il Messagero, 1980-84, and La Repubblica, 1985-91, as well as a number of magazines and books published in Europe and the U.S.A.

In 1982 she exhibited at the Ann Jacob Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, and in 1989 at the Ann Jacob Gallery in Palm Beach, Florida. In the next two years she had a solo exhibition at Brenau University, in Athens, Georgia, and participated in two “Etruriarte” contemporary art fairs in Venturina, Italy, and “Mi Case” at Saint Jean Cap Ferat, France.

In 1992 Sallie and her husband founded the magazine L’Allegro Romano about Rome and Romans. She worked as its designer and illustrator for two years, until the magazine was shut down due to her husband's illness. The couple relocated to the Tuscan coast and she retired from exhibiting until his death. Sallie's only public work was the design a stage set for “Arte D” in the Palazzo della Cultura, in San Vincenzo.

She returned to painting in 2006, with a solo exhibition at Centro d’Arte Visive, in Piombino, followed by others in 2009 at La Torre di San Vincenzo and at Zanzibar, in San Vincenzo. She was commissioned by Osteria dal Conte restaurant in San Vincenzo for a large painting and designed the stage sets for two productions of Jean Genet's "The Maids", in Campiglia, December 2009 and in San Vincenzo, January 2010.

Sallie Whistler Marcucci now resides between Monaco, Tuscany and Southern California.


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